Balanced Skin Begins with The Right Cleanser

When your skin feels dry no matter how much moisturizer you use and is showing signs of aging much too soon, you may be using a cleanser that is too alkaline for your skin. Ideally, your cleanser is free of harsh chemicals, keeps your skin hydrated and is pH balanced to maintain the integrity of the skin’s natural moisture barrier and acid mantle that protects against bacteria and other imbalanced conditions. A cleanser that is either too alkaline or too acidic weakens the natural moisture barrier and acid mantle of your skin leaving it vulnerable to problems and feeling tight or dry.

Our creamy and gele’, pH balanced cleansers are made with a sulfate-free, ultra-mild cleansing agent (polyglucosides), derived from natural, renewable and biodegradable raw materials. Polyglucosides result from a reaction between coconut/palm oil and plant starch/sugar, and effectively removes dirt and impurities without irritating or excessively striping the skin of its natural oils. Choose the right cleanser for your skin and set the tone for the best results from your skin care regime.